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Hello kitten friends and magical multi-hyphenate creatives!

Our creative journeys are long and winding, and we never know where they’ll take us. Sometimes, we end up at a pit stop that is amazingly fun, and we make new memories with new friends. Sometimes, we end up stuck at a fork in the round and flounder around a bit while we decide which way to go next.

For my first blog post, I thought it fitting to share this love letter (it was actually a really long text message) inspired by one of my very best friends when she was in a dark place in her life about her future. I share it with you, so that when you are feeling lost and unsure of your future, you feel encouraged. This blog is dedicated to you.


You are feeling down and sad and lonely and unsure and uncertain and lost. I acknowledge and accept all those things about you and your journey at this present moment in time. I hope that you can accept those feelings too rather than fight them. Because once you acknowledge and accept that at this present moment in time, that you are a mess, then you can move forward. And you are a beautiful mess, complete in every way, and you are exactly where you need to be. The key to moving forward is knowing where you are in your current state, where you are at this moment in time. And that is all that it is. This moment in time. And that will change. It will always changes. So know and trust that where you are now will not be where you are forever. You will get past this. Even if you don’t want to. Because that is the nature of life. So if you can’t trust yourself to change, at least feel reassured that life and the universe will naturally do that for you.

You are a talented, determined, loyal, and self-aware human being. You know what you want and aren’t afraid to settle for less. That in and of itself are your strengths. Use those gifts to push forward. You want it all, and you deserve it all. You will get it all.

Don’t compare your life and your journey and your process to other people’s because you have only one life, and it’s yours. You get your entire life to figure it out. What a treasure. Your life will not, and it does not, end here. I know it feels like it, but it will not. This is just one mountain in the long road that you are walking. Don’t give up before the miracle.

I have profound faith that you will get to where you are meant to be. That may not align with your current vision of your destination, but that’s the beauty of it. We only know what we know now and can only act based on that. So instead of living in fear and beating yourself up for not being where you think you should be, embrace and love who you are now so that you can act based on that.

I love you. You are a deep, deep soul. I know we can’t help the negative feelings we feel, but if you saw the spirit and fire I see in you, I know you wouldn’t stay in this black hole rest stop for long. So if you can’t have faith in yourself, have faith in me, which I know you do. Because I know I have enough faith for you to share with you.

With all of my love.


Thank you for dropping by! I’d love to hear where your creative journeys have taken you, and what kind of pit stops you’ve made and the roads you’ve taken. What did you learn, what were loving words of encouragement that were shared with you?

Until next time, write on!

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